Why am I called to serve? Why not me!

I’m eager to share a campaign update with you as I met with community members and had my first volunteer meeting. During the meeting with fifteen neighbors, family, and friends, I discussed my platform:

  • Improve our Education
  • Fix our Infrastructure
  • Grow our Economy
  • Protect our Environment

One way I believe we can improve our economy and grow our infrastructure is by fully eliminating the Social Security Tax. If we eliminate this tax, we are first, doing right by our senior citizens by not “double-taxing” their hard earned income. Second, we can create a better quality through the unknown amount of increased spending seniors would have!

Eliminating the Social Security Tax will:

  1. Attract retirees to New Mexico:  New Mexico should be among the most desirable places to retire, yet we remain toward the bottom of the pack due to an unattractive tax like this.
  2. The 12% of seniors living in poverty could spend the average of $700 they would receive, back into the local economy, or assist them in any other needs they have.
  3. Seniors that are not in poverty could have more spending power and help strengthen the economy, attracting businesses and later enhancing our infrastructure through development.
My two grandsons, Mathis and Dylan. This is why I support gun sense in America.
My two grandsons, Mathis and Dylan. This is why I support gun sense in America.

With the passing of the Red Flag Law last night, I wanted to share how my background has influenced me to stand with groups like Moms Demand Action and support stronger gun sense in America. 

I have never owned a gun, nor lived in a home where one was present, and have only shot one twice in my life. However, I respect the right to own one lawfully, and with comprehensive training for the owner. I have family and friends that own guns, and ask them often if they are properly locked. 

I taught twelfth grade Honors Civics, and I can assure you that my students understood the everlasting value of the US Constitution, and more specifically, the Bill of Rights. However, they often voiced their opinions that the government has a major responsibility to combat crime, and do so with the common good’s interest. I have hope that our judge’s and those filing petitions under red flag legislation have the common good in mind and are placing safety first.

I just think, “Imagine if it were my loved one? I could help save their own life.”

Having taught, been a principal, have my wife and daughter as teachers, and my grandchildren in school, I know the fear that mongers when a lock down occurs. Many teachers have told me, “is today the day” asking me in worry if someone may be present on campus with a firearm. 

For these reasons, I think it is inevitable that we pass legislation that can potentially identify individuals who may pose a threat, get them the help they need, but also reassure my once twelfth grade students, teachers, and parents across America that the government is taking action to make our communities safer. 

Thank you,

Gary Tripp