We can do this.

Good news! We made it through the primary election. Over 4,000 voters strongly affirmed that being the next representative for New Mexico House District 44 is within reach. 

Let’s talk #’s. 

  • In 2018, the Democratic candidate received 2,181 votes and the Republican incumbent received 1,612 in the District 44 primary race. This year, I received 4,154 votes and my Republican opponent received 3,706. 
  • In the 2018 General Election the incumbent received 8,116 votes, defeating the Democratic challenger who received 6,712. 

The primary numbers are good, but as you can see, while the previous Democratic candidate received more votes in the primary, he lost in the general. We must not let that happen this year!

We had two strategic goals for the primary. First, we intended to conduct extensive outreach to voters. Our plan was to knock on the door of every Democratic household in District 44 by June 2. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, we had to find other ways to share my platform and connect to the community. To do this, we distributed an e-newsletter, placed social media ads, and assembled a team of volunteers to phone voters. 

Our second goal was to make sure we understood what was on Democratic voters’ minds.  To that end, our volunteer team asked voters if they had issues or concerns that they wanted passed along to me. This enabled us to collect valuable data on the concerns of my constituents and to fine tune the areas on which to direct my energy.  

I am in the process of writing brief summaries of my views on these issues, a number of which are added to my website periodically http://www.garytripp.com. I will also share my thoughts on other topics that are likely to arise during the legislative session through my newsletter and website.  And I will continue to solicit your input and feedback.

As we inch closer to November, I really need your help. I need to send out several mailers – at $6,000 per mailing — and place advertisements across the District. Right now, I have under $10,000 in my campaign budget. Please consider a monthly donation of $25.00 from now until November. Alternatively, a donation of any amount at your comfort level would greatly be appreciated. This is a grassroots campaign. Your phone calls, word of mouth, and financial contributions are essential to winning this seat and having a Democratic voice represent District 44.