The early tales of the campaign trail

My excitement continues to grow as I knock on doors daily. It is great discussing my platform’s key issues:

  • Improve our Education
  • Fix our Infrastructure
  • Grow our Economy
  • Protect our Environment
Secretary Toulouse-Oliver and I earlier this week.

What I find more insightful and important is listening to your concerns and questions. I’ve recorded each one and all are listed below:


  • My child has autism and the schools need to help train teachers how to handle kids with autism
  • abuse of power by our current president
  • water conservation
  • road and bridge safety
  • eliminate the Social Security Tax
  • strengthen the educational system


  • Do government leaders still believe in and follow the United States Constitution?
  • Can you help make our schools and community safer?
  • Are you on board with the current governor enhancing pre-k education?
  • We have been promised a park in this area of our community for years, can you push the city to move on this?
  • What is your position on the Red Flag laws?
  • Can you bring more money into the district being a Democrat, seeing that they are in majority control?
  • What will be your first piece of legislation?
  • It is not a big problem for us right now, but what are we doing to take care of our homeless?
  • With Rio Rancho’s rapid growth, do we have enough First Responders?

One agreement is that we live in one of the best places in this country! District 44 is a great place to raise a family while many others come to retire. As your elected representative, I will continue to be all ears to your concerns and invite your input. Together, we can work from our Democratic values as we tackle issues and improve our community.

I am asking for volunteers to host a house meet and greet on my behalf! Please consider inviting four to five neighbors to your home, so we can gather and listen to one another’s goals and concerns regarding our community.

If interested, send me an email to visit about a date and time convenient for you. 

With much appreciation,