Small Business Relief

Following the recent special session, Democratic Candidates Billie Thurman-Helean, Brenda McKenna, and I hosted a townhall meeting with special guest Representative Daymond Ely. The townhall’s goal was to educate and give insight on the passing of the Small Business Recovery Act of 2020. We were fortunate Representative Ely co-sponsored this legislation, and could speak to its intent and the items considered. I’ve outlined some features of the act below as well as a link for more information. It is important that we share this information with small businesses in our communities who are suffering due to Covid-19 shutdowns.

The New Mexico Small Business Recovery Act of 2020
-Low interest loan program (interest rate is one half of the Wall Street Journal Prime rate determined on the date of the loan)
-Three-year term with interest-only payments for the first three years
-Applies to sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and certain non-profit corporations who were shutdown or had to significantly reduce operations per the public health orders
-No industries excluded from seeking qualification
-More Info:

As we move toward the 90-day mark, I pose this question to you: What issue(s) is most important to you?

To me, its that our elected officials hear and represent our voices. Now, I want to hear from you! As I reflect and prepare to represent your concerns in Santa Fe, I want our communication to be a dialogue. I pride myself on being a quality listener and an independent thinker. I hope to hear from some of you about issues or concerns I can learn more about.