Si, se puede!

I recently re-read Time Magazine’s “100 Women of the Year” issue from March 5th, 2020.  I encourage you to read the fascinating stories of women who have changed our world, leaving lasting legacies and creating change. Some of these women are in action right now. 

One of the women that sticks out to me is Dolores Huerta. A native New Mexican a former teacher, Dolores is one of our most influential Hispanic leaders, co-founding the National Farm Workers Association in 1972 alongside Cesar Chavez. Dolores’ rally cry, “Se, si puede” (Yes, we can) led the charge to elevate farmers from low wage workers to activists all across our country. The movement for not just better wages, but simply fair wages and benefits, was sparked as Dolores led a charge for strong unions and female membership. To Dolores Huerta, “women are never powerless victims only leaders and tellers of their own stories.” I am deeply inspired and impacted by her words. 

I share Dolores Huerta’s belief in the power of the union, and in the belief that no discrimination on gender or sexual orientation dictate your pay. What a ludicrous ask in 2020, but I reiterate, our country is young and learning to do things better.  We have to do the work to uplift, re-write, and dictate our future on a more prosperous path for our marginalized and mos vulnerable. 

I ask you to join me in becoming the first Democrat in 17 years to be House District 44’s next representative. As I campaign I hear that this seat cannot be “flipped” and it is, and always will be, taken by a Republican. I ask you to join me in the rally cry of Dolores Huerta and Barack Obama “Si, se puede!” Yes, we can. Yes, we will. 

Thank you,

Gary Tripp

I am so thankful for the endorsements of the supporters below. As we move forward to November 3rd, we have become friends in the quest for better representation of District 44. 

“I proudly endorse Gary Tripp for NM House of Representatives District 44. Gary has a proven record as an advocate for our youth and he will continue that advocacy in Santa Fe. Gary Tripp was my high school principal and he helped instill lessons in me which I carry to this day, such as good sportsmanship, being honest, and honoring your word. Gary lives these ideals and has exemplified them during his long career serving our kids. Rio Rancho has one of the best public school district’s in the state and has a thriving athletics community for our youth, which is attributable in part to Gary’s steadfast efforts over the past several decades, whether as a school administrator or as the Director of the NM Activities Association. I know Gary will continue his leadership and will work hard to ensure that opportunities for growth and excellence continue to exist for our kids. He’s the right leader at the right time to make sure we as a community thrive and succeed.”

Edward W. Lovato
Rio Rancho High School class of 2000 

“We met Gary at his campaign rollout last November. Since that time, our esteem and admiration for him continue to grow. Gary is not only right for New Mexico on the issues, but he also has demonstrated exceptional honesty, integrity, and commitment to the principles he espouses. In addition, Gary possesses a rare but essential skill: he is a great listener. Gary cares about everyone in District 44 regardless of their political affiliation. If elected, he will give his all to improve the lives of his constituents. We hope you will join us in supporting Gary Tripp for NM House District 44.”

Judy Gordon
Bill Bumgarner