Fix Our Infrastructure

Taxpayers need to be assured that legislators are constantly working on new undeveloped state highways as well as maintaining roads and bridges. I am an advocate for expanding broadband coverage to areas that have no known access to the internet. If you research “Title I Schools” in our area and check into what kind of internet access they have, you will find that there are many children and families being under-served in District 44 and all over New Mexico.

Grow Our Economy

Our economy needs to be diversified. We need to move away from our dependency on oil and gas, and jumpstart a strong economy in renewable energy.  We need to ensure companies are paying their fair share of taxes.  Small businesses in New Mexico should have a strong partnership with the government as we assist in their growth and success. Recreational cannabis needs to be a primary conversation and debate as well as any other major economic developments that have the potential to help our economy. We must be very transparent and have open communication so great minds can all work together on these initiatives.

Protect Our Environment

We must continue to expand our solar and wind energy opportunities. It will assist, but not act alone, in the protection of the environment as well as grow our economy. In order to protect up to 50% of our drinking water, fracking cannot occur in the Rio Grande Basin. We need to engage in deep conversation with oil and gas on how and when will we have better environmental protections against fracking in the Permian Basin. We need to protect our resources wisely and reduce our carbon footprint drastically.

Public Safety Officers & First Responders

District 44 has been blessed with outstanding law enforcement and FireFighters. Our numbers indicate that we are close to the national average ratio in meeting the needs of our citizens. There are three things we must continue to focus on or improve:
● Keep the ratios where they are, or continue to improve them
● Ensure quality Professional Development opportunities
● Make sure psychological, emotional and social needs are met through access to mental health resources for all first responders

Be Fiscally Responsible

By law, New Mexico must operate under a Balanced Budget. I have always lived within my means in my personal life and in my administrative professional career. The last three years we have seen record debt in our nation and our federal budget will have a new record debt after COVID-19 is stabilized. I will uphold the oath of office of being a New Mexico House of Representative and continue to operate under a balanced budget with my colleagues.

Listen, Show Up & Work

Building relationships and listening to everyday citizens’ is why I want to serve District 44. I want to take the concerns of my voters to Santa Fe and fight for District 44. I have always been a person that shows up and works, demonstrates respect for everyone, and spends a great deal of time collaborating with people. We all have value and together we are New Mexico.


We must stay the course with Pre-K and Early Childhood Education improvements. More resources need to focus on at-risk student populations. The pay and benefits for NM educators should outperform or be better than our neighboring states. It’s vital that we recruit 1,000 highly qualified teachers to NM. Blend Financial Literacy and Career Technical Education into the system for both K-12 students and adults, and make curriculum improvements or advancements which demonstrate knowledge and skills by our graduates.