I want to hear from you.

Over this campaign season, I hope you have gotten to know me better. To my family and close friends, I hope I have shown you an even closer glimpse of my dedication, and I thank you for joining me on this journey of public service. It is truly important work, and we must forge on.

As I talk in townhall meetings, write questionnaires for endorsements, or op-ed’s for the newspaper, my words are from the heart and what I believe to be our biggest issues, and in turn, my truth. We may agree, and we may see things from different perspectives. As we inch closer to November, and hopefully into the Roundhouse, my hope is that we continue our civil discourse of concerns and issues.

During this quest I welcome everyone to have a seat at the table, to call me, and write in. I am a man of faith, and I am a man of friends and family from diverse backgrounds. Over my life I have practiced this sentiment, listening to others while recognizing we bring our own unique history to the conversation. This seems like a stark comparison to those in leadership who think we must are one size fits all in our thinking, and in agreement of one central, favorable, history. That is simply impossible.

I know this simple generalization is not the case for most of us. We aren’t that uniformed. We are individuals with stories, experiences, and sometimes unfavorable cards dealt to us that we turned into winning hands. We are people who have chosen light in lieu of darkness despite our differences. The most American trait may be just that. The opportunity upon a new day to do better by each other, to bridge gaps that simple minds try to widen.

If you live in District 44, I would like to know your top priorities whether policy or funding, large or small. District 44 covers parts of Bernalillo, Corrales, and Rio Rancho. Yet, we make decisions that affect all New Mexicans. I am here to read and digest your thoughts in making District 44 and this state better. Please take a quick survey at the link below, or simply email me by replying to this newsletter.


I will do my best to answer your issues in my weekly newsletter as well as include them in my Zoom and Facebook get-togethers. 

As always thank you in helping me bring action to District 44,

Gary J Tripp