Hope and Unity

Eight years ago when President Obama was running for a second term we were rallying around the idea of “hope” and we were far more unified as a country than we are today. Although it may seem like November is far away, the time for us to unite and work on blue votes is critical NOW more than ever. It’s also vital that we vote in this primary. Here is my check-in, have you made your vote count for June 2nd?

Insteadof relishing in the frustration of division, I want to give you hope. Joe Biden is finding ways for us to unite. Recently, he hired Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the granddaughter of César Chávez to be his senior advisor for Latino outreach. We also know he promised his vice presidential running mate to be female.  I celebrate this news as signs our next administration will be more reflective of the America I know. One that is inclusive.

Our slate of early hopefuls for the nomination was far more representative of the diversity that makes up our nation. I included the picture to show you how our party triggered such outstanding candidates. I look forward to voting as I always do when elections near, and I am so ready to flip the District 44 seat along with this presidency. As I call on voters alongside my volunteers each day, the number one issue has been the pertinence of flipping the White House.

I urge you to encourage to friends and family to VOTE, volunteer, and work toward restoring faith in our leadership. I am running on that idea of hope and action, and I kindly ask you if we can all do just a little more to ensure change comes. Please email me gary@garytripp.com to get involved.

ThisMonday we celebrate Memorial Day, honoring those we lost while serving our country. For those who don’t know, Memorial Day started as a celebration to honor those we lost in the Civil War, over 600,000 soldiers. This is a gentle reminder that we were once far more divided than we are today.

I dedicate this newsletter to all the men and women who lost their life while serving our great country. I also dedicate this to their families who made great sacrifices in supporting their duties. I’ve included a picture of the National Cemetery in Santa Fe to pay respect to the many brave individuals who chose a life of service. Happy Memorial Day, Gary.

The National Cemetery in Santa Fe