Going Live and Communicating

Our special session has ended and our legislators have balanced the state budget. I encourage all of you to review the legislation that was passed. Although I do not believe you should have to search for a conclusive report! Starting with the session in January 2021, I commit to communicating regularly with constituents as to what is being discussed during the session. I will also meet with my constituents at the conclusion of sessions to give a detailed report and paint a picture of the items passed, not passed, and the various factors that contributed. 

I would also like to share with you that I will be live on Facebook every first day of the month from 9 am – 12 pm to discuss issues, answer questions and chat with all of you.  Our new normal does not allow for door-to-door campaigning, however I hope this provides another avenue to listen to your concerns or opinions on issues. Join me on Facebook Live starting next week on Wednesday, July 1st.

As we receive information from Governor Lujan-Grisham about the safety guidelines here in New Mexico, let me encourage you to wear masks out in public and wash our hands regularly. I am hoping that if we strictly practice these guidelines our students’ two days a week of school could lead to more days! Stay persistent and safe my friends.