Filing, planning for Covid-19, and Small Business Support

I officially filed as a candidate for the New Mexico State House of Representatives District 44 as of Tuesday, March 10th. A big thank you to all of the people who helped collect signatures for my petition, signed my petition, and shared with your friends and neighbors about my campaign. I have felt support from so many former colleagues, friends from childhood, former students, neighbors past and present, and those I have met since I announced my candidacy.

I believe in making our community better for everyone, listening to your issues, and working hard to deliver policy and legislation that reflects inclusiveness, not division. I am more energetic than ever to represent you.

I would like to share my thoughts on Covid-19. Much similar to my beliefs about immigration, it is critical that we look at ourselves as global citizens during this pandemic. Empathy for our friends traveling, nations around the world, and those closest to us should be shown during this time. Here are a few ways we can show empathy to our neighbors and to ourselves: 

1. Assist the elderly first. As we have learned, the elderly with pre-existing health conditions are most at risk from Covid-19. If you know someone in our community who needs supplies, please reach out and lend a helping hand.

2. Consider donating to food banks. For those affected by school closures and those unable to attend work, meals are compromised for many families. As a child who was once dependent on school meals, it is imperative that we are prepared to feed our community as closures take place.

3. Follow Covid-19 research-based news. One way I have stayed calm is by vetting the news I follow with regard to Covid-19. A resource shared with me this morning is John Hopkins University Covid-19 HUB. This information is cited from university research, the CDC and the World Health Organization.

Food Banks in Sandoval County:

  1. – St. Felix Pantry 
  2. – Storehouse West
  3. – Meadowlark Methodist Food Pantry

Sustaining our economy is an issue stemming from the spread of Covid-19. This issue affects our neighbors and friends income, so we must do what we can to support small businesses in our community. This practices social-distancing, while also looking closely at what businesses in our community offer, and how we can spend wisely with them. Think of gift cards for Mother’s Day, ordering takeout from a family-owned restaurant, or call on the handy-man to fix a repair you may have been putting off. We can do little things, that go long ways. 

Always know I am here for your issues and concerns,