Elect Gary Tripp

Gary is ready to serve our community like he has done in his 38 years of public service in Moriarty, Rio Rancho, and statewide as NMAA Executive Director.

Former Farmington Public Schools Superintendent Tom Sullivan puts it best:

I have known Mr. Gary Tripp both personally and professionally for over 35 years. As an educator and colleague, I have seen him seamlessly transition through a variety of roles and responsibilities over those years.

I watched him lead his Honors Civics students at Moriarty HS to multiple State championships and national recognition; and Gary followed that with years as the successful Principal at the largest HS in NM—Rio Rancho.

My respect for Gary grew further while he served as the Exec. Director of the NM Activities Association—often an even more challenging and diverse body than the legislature itself!

He consistently led that organization to consensus positions on such controversial issues as a school’s classification and group competition assignment, or how to appropriately provide access of Charter students to join local District teams.

There is no lack of ego in rooms filled with school Superintendents and athletic directors, yet Gary led the organization through such minefields with grace and fairness.

While I do not live in Rio Rancho, I can assure those who do that he would be an outstanding choice for that community if he were elected to serve on the Rio Rancho School Board.


Tom Sullivan, Retired Superintendent